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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Captain Grip and clip a towel
Step #1
Remove the headrest from your vehicle seat
Step #2
Place both posts of the headrest into the two teethed holes on Captain Grip
Step #3
Ensure that the engraved "FRONT" is facing the front of the vehicle
Step #4
Re-attach the headrest to the seat in its original position
Step #5
Use the tear shaped holes to wedge in a towel. Clip one side at a time. Wedge the towel using a finger, and with the other hand pull down on the towel to secure it in place. You're ready to go!
Step #6
Captain Grip stays in place and is ready to use when you need it. To unclip, just pull the wedged towel towards the back of the car seat
Installing Captain Grip in the back seats
Step #1
You can use Captain Grip in the back seats too!
Step #2
Installs the same way 
Step #3
Clip a blanket or a sheet instead of a towel. Wedge it the same way to secure it. If you are using a sheet or a thinner towel, bunch it up at the top before wedging it for a secure grip
Step #4
The blanket is now securely in place
Step #5
The blanket will cover and protect your backseat/bench against animal messes, dirty items you might need for projects, outdoor activities and much more!
How do I unclip/remove a towel?
To remove the towel, pull the wedged towel towards the back of the car seat
Can Captain Grip be used in any vehicle?
Captain Grip is so simple and versatile, it can be used in most cars, SUV and/or trucks. To ensure it fits, please refer to the picture below (also on the back of the packaging).
How many Captain Grip are there in a package?
Captain Grip comes as a set of 2.  Order more to protect all your seats
Can I only clip towels to protect my seat?
No, beside using any towel you may have, Captain Grip will clip most sheets and blankets.
How do I clip a blanket or a sheet?
Blankets and sheets are great to clip in as they cover the entire backseat, protecting against pets, and projects that may require transporting items that might make a mess or damage your seats   (i.e. plants, wood, etc.). Because a sheet is thinner than a towel, you may need to bunch it up at the top to increase its thickness to ensure a solid grip when you wedge it into the holes 
My towel won’t clip properly
You are probably trying to clip a thinner towel.  Like a sheet, you may need to bunch it up a little at the top to increase the thickness before wedging into the Captain Grip’s holes.
If you are having trouble clipping your towel, ensure that you are wedging it down into the hole with one finger and with the other hand pulling down on it for a secure fit. It might take you a few practices!
Does it come in a color other than black?
No, it does not. Captain Grip is sleek and discreet. It sits nicely on top of your seat.  The headrest creates a shadow on top of your seat therefore you won’t notice it even if your car seats are not black
What is the origin of Captain Grip?
Captain Grip is a patent pending Australian invention now available in the United States. The Aussie’s were kind enough to share this with us! 
What does the packaging look like?